Sunday, March 21, 2010

eXam fEvEr

our final exm is juz around da corner.. i hope dat i can do well in my exm n have an improvement compared to last sem.. i hope all my frenz r in good condition in preparing dis comin exm.. strive our best and let Him do the job in giving His bless.. sumtimes i juz thought dat y in dis critical time, He tests us wit so many obstacles but i know dat in every situations there is a wisdom behind it.. i'm one of them who r also being tested.. at dis moment i hope dat there is sum1 dat can gif strength to me.. couldn't believe dat dis happen at the time dat i really need dat person.. myb i have to sacrifice n don't be too demanding.. heay! i have my own life as dat person also has.. so, luv myself... =]

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