Sunday, March 21, 2010

eXam fEvEr

our final exm is juz around da corner.. i hope dat i can do well in my exm n have an improvement compared to last sem.. i hope all my frenz r in good condition in preparing dis comin exm.. strive our best and let Him do the job in giving His bless.. sumtimes i juz thought dat y in dis critical time, He tests us wit so many obstacles but i know dat in every situations there is a wisdom behind it.. i'm one of them who r also being tested.. at dis moment i hope dat there is sum1 dat can gif strength to me.. couldn't believe dat dis happen at the time dat i really need dat person.. myb i have to sacrifice n don't be too demanding.. heay! i have my own life as dat person also has.. so, luv myself... =]

Saturday, March 6, 2010

things to ponder =]

hye,,, our catering day is over... alhamdulillah... so much thing i learn from that big event... the most important thing is how to run a business about food and beverages... we have to learn from the very basic and the details that we need to consider.... so tired!! another important thing that i learn is the people reaction and manners during the event.. so funny when the memory came across my mind.. haha... even they are much older than me, they behave as if they are younger than me... oh my God!! well, that a lesson for me... i appreciate it.. thanx guys.... n i also observe that people will ask for help only for their own sake... sooooo selfish.... one more!!! they like to do the work that other people will notice them.. haha... in other words they like to show off... maybe that's their upbringing lifestyle kot... =] never mind... i'll take whatever positive and i''ll leave all the negative thing as a lesson for me and for me to ponder... i like to be myself!! yeah... chayok!! got so many things to do coz we are going to finish our semester soon... hopufully i can do much3 better than last sem... =] daaa........

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What u gif u get back!

It's simple, what u gif we'll get back. sumtimes we don't realize and don't understand y we are the chosen one to be tested by God. but when we ponder and think back, God will not give problems to people unless they can bear with the problems. i do believe in dat coz it really happens to me! God also will not change the fate of the person until we our self willing to do the changes in our self.
it doesn't mean dat when u help a person, dat person must help u back. it could be other person who help u out and the help might be different. =] so, be sincere in whatever that u r doin and don't judge ppl from outside. treasure their inner side and u will find that every human that God created has good and bad value in themselves. gud nite everybody =]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

juz comin back from meeting n having maggi... haha... ape da, diet student mkn mgi tgh2 mlm... =] today i had been given a task to give tazkirah... =] the topic is about the characteristic who have black heart and how to forgive others.. emmm, when u have this kind of attitude in yrself, better find a way to handle with that =] it is when u get envy with yr friends... of coz as a student, your ultimate goal is to do well in yr study and get the good marks and pointer instead to really understand what the lecturer had been thought... second, u felt greedy with what u have and don't know how to show your gratitude to God... it doesnt mean dat u have to sit on yr prayer mat for 24 7 days.. u know what, when u are helping others is actually one of the act dat u always feel good with whatever u have rite now... lastly, people who like to talk a lot but they don't know what they are talkin about... most of the time, they juz want to get an attention from others... or in other words, mencapap la nmanye... =] so, how are we goin to forgive others?? firstly, b4 u go to sleep, remember the person dat make u become angry and try to forgive him or her... then, take a deep breath 7 seconds, hold it 7 seconds and breath out 7 seconds, relax yrself and go to sleep... =] then, in yr daily life, try to inculcate the habit of forgive others easily even we are hurt and don't forget to pray for them =] lastly, when u get angry at da time u wanna eat, think that food is the source of energy, so, of coz u don't want any negative energy to come inside yr body rite?? =] be positive and be yrself... dat's all....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

slm... still bz completing my eap... huhu... today i learn such a wonderful way to manage money... hehe... i'm sure if my dad attend that talk dis morning, he will has a lot of questions to ask =] sumthing buzz on my mind, erm... why we wanna be like others+ jealous when others have more good things than us??? what is more important is to be yourself and know yourself better than other... you are what you are... everyone has their own positive and negative attitude, so, shud us show our bad side or good side?? if we are smart enough, we'll also use our own weakness as our uniqueness... =] everyone is special... believe me =] first time in my life i juz won lucky draw... haha... couldn't believe dat!! sometimes when i think back, is it worth all my patience to be awarded wif what i have rite now?? as time past, i learn to adapt any situations or circumstances that happen arround me... n i never thought dat this is the journey of my life dat will be... anyway thanx God coz until now i still can breath.. =]

Saturday, January 9, 2010

hYe =]

hye, never thought dat i will have my own blog... =] but as my fwens urge me to do so, i juz say dat, emmm... why don't i give a try to have my own blog... hehe.. so bz wit lot of assignment and don't know which one i shud start first... huhu... hopefully everything will run smoothly =]