Saturday, March 6, 2010

things to ponder =]

hye,,, our catering day is over... alhamdulillah... so much thing i learn from that big event... the most important thing is how to run a business about food and beverages... we have to learn from the very basic and the details that we need to consider.... so tired!! another important thing that i learn is the people reaction and manners during the event.. so funny when the memory came across my mind.. haha... even they are much older than me, they behave as if they are younger than me... oh my God!! well, that a lesson for me... i appreciate it.. thanx guys.... n i also observe that people will ask for help only for their own sake... sooooo selfish.... one more!!! they like to do the work that other people will notice them.. haha... in other words they like to show off... maybe that's their upbringing lifestyle kot... =] never mind... i'll take whatever positive and i''ll leave all the negative thing as a lesson for me and for me to ponder... i like to be myself!! yeah... chayok!! got so many things to do coz we are going to finish our semester soon... hopufully i can do much3 better than last sem... =] daaa........

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