Wednesday, January 13, 2010

juz comin back from meeting n having maggi... haha... ape da, diet student mkn mgi tgh2 mlm... =] today i had been given a task to give tazkirah... =] the topic is about the characteristic who have black heart and how to forgive others.. emmm, when u have this kind of attitude in yrself, better find a way to handle with that =] it is when u get envy with yr friends... of coz as a student, your ultimate goal is to do well in yr study and get the good marks and pointer instead to really understand what the lecturer had been thought... second, u felt greedy with what u have and don't know how to show your gratitude to God... it doesnt mean dat u have to sit on yr prayer mat for 24 7 days.. u know what, when u are helping others is actually one of the act dat u always feel good with whatever u have rite now... lastly, people who like to talk a lot but they don't know what they are talkin about... most of the time, they juz want to get an attention from others... or in other words, mencapap la nmanye... =] so, how are we goin to forgive others?? firstly, b4 u go to sleep, remember the person dat make u become angry and try to forgive him or her... then, take a deep breath 7 seconds, hold it 7 seconds and breath out 7 seconds, relax yrself and go to sleep... =] then, in yr daily life, try to inculcate the habit of forgive others easily even we are hurt and don't forget to pray for them =] lastly, when u get angry at da time u wanna eat, think that food is the source of energy, so, of coz u don't want any negative energy to come inside yr body rite?? =] be positive and be yrself... dat's all....

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