Thursday, January 28, 2010

What u gif u get back!

It's simple, what u gif we'll get back. sumtimes we don't realize and don't understand y we are the chosen one to be tested by God. but when we ponder and think back, God will not give problems to people unless they can bear with the problems. i do believe in dat coz it really happens to me! God also will not change the fate of the person until we our self willing to do the changes in our self.
it doesn't mean dat when u help a person, dat person must help u back. it could be other person who help u out and the help might be different. =] so, be sincere in whatever that u r doin and don't judge ppl from outside. treasure their inner side and u will find that every human that God created has good and bad value in themselves. gud nite everybody =]

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