Sunday, January 10, 2010

slm... still bz completing my eap... huhu... today i learn such a wonderful way to manage money... hehe... i'm sure if my dad attend that talk dis morning, he will has a lot of questions to ask =] sumthing buzz on my mind, erm... why we wanna be like others+ jealous when others have more good things than us??? what is more important is to be yourself and know yourself better than other... you are what you are... everyone has their own positive and negative attitude, so, shud us show our bad side or good side?? if we are smart enough, we'll also use our own weakness as our uniqueness... =] everyone is special... believe me =] first time in my life i juz won lucky draw... haha... couldn't believe dat!! sometimes when i think back, is it worth all my patience to be awarded wif what i have rite now?? as time past, i learn to adapt any situations or circumstances that happen arround me... n i never thought dat this is the journey of my life dat will be... anyway thanx God coz until now i still can breath.. =]

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